Fine Writing Pens

Luxury Writing Pens
While everyone has access to a biro or other ballpoint pen, sometimes the occasion demands a touch of luxury. That's why, even in today's digital age, nothing provides quite the same impact as a high-quality fine writing pen.

At First Stop Stationers we stock a full range fine writing pens from some of the industry's leading manufacturers – all of which make the perfect gift for anyone who takes the act of writing seriously.

Prestige and Fine Writing Pens
From luxury fountain pens and rollerballs to multifunction pens and mechanical pencils, we have a selection of high quality pens available from top brands such as Waterman, Lamy, Parker and Sheaffer to name just a few. Whether you’re just treating yourself or choosing a gift for a loved one, pick from our range of ballpoint, fountain or rollerball fine writing pens or one of our attractive pen and pencil gift sets.

We cater for a range of budgets and have a great choice of pens available for all occasions. From luxurious writing pens designed for the serious enthusiast to everyday business pens, we have a great selection of pens to suit all budgets. Whether you’re looking to spend hundreds of pounds or just ten pounds, we’ve got a pen to match your needs.

Protecting your fine writing pen
Unlike cheap, disposable pens and biros, a quality pen demands respect. So it's important to look after your Parker, Waterman or Lamy pen in order to ensure a lifetime of use. To extend your pen's useful life, make sure you follow our simple tips:

Keep the Nib Clean: Ensure the nib or end of your quality pen is kept clean, allowing ink to flow correctly. Simply wipe the nib with a dry cloth as required.

Use Your Pen Frequently: Regular use prevents your pen's ink from drying out or hardening, and ensures reliability.

Store Quality Pens Properly: When not in use, keep your pen in a cool, dry environment. This helps preserve the ink and ensures that your pen is always ready for use.

Use Gently: Pressing down hard while you write can cause excess stress to the nib of your pen, leading to snapping or bending – not a great end for any quality pen!

Always Close Your Pen: Closing your pen or putting a lid on will protect the tip of your pen from damage, keep the nib clean and stop the ink from coagulating and drying out.

By following these tips from First Stop Stationers, your pen could last you a lifetime!